This week my daughter and I created an art piece to hang in her bedroom. We got an 18×24 canvas at A.C. Moore. It was $14.99 but we had a 50% off one item coupon. Love me some deals. Here are the steps to recreate the project for yourself. I can’t take the credit for the idea since I found it on this blog But, we did it a little differently.

1. Get a painting canvas or a large piece of poster board.

2. Using  ruler, set your frame for where the letters will be. I centered a block for my daughter’s name, measuring up about 4 inches from the top and bottom and placing a strip of painters tape to set the frame.

3. Cut painters tape to outline your child’s name.

4. Select your palate of paint colors and put each color on a paper plate. I have to do this because my daughter just likes to mix all the colors together and it turns out really ugly! I limited her to paint colors that would work with her bedroom colors. Tones that were too bright were lightened with white finger paint, which I found at AC Moore as well.

5. Let your child have at it, making sure the canvas is entire covered.

6. After allowing your canvas to fully dry, remove the tape and display. Voila! Instant art work!


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