Mission Overload!


Now that the weather here in Pennsylvania has become “normal” for the season, I find that we’re hunkering down inside more than we were just a month ago. I do enjoy the winter, for about a month, and one good snowstorm each year. But, I am kind of missing those 60 degree days we had in early December! However, the upside to that is having so much time to work on all those great ideas I found on Pinterest in the past 2 weeks! Well… maybe I shouldn’t say having so much time to work on this things. I am definitely neglecting some other motherly duties which is why one load of laundry sat in the dryer from Thursday night until this morning. Oh well…

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever gotten so excited about a project that you just have to drop everything else to work on it? What about multiple projects at one time?!?! I currently have about 5 projects in the work which is why my dining room looks like a bomb went off.

This year I decided to create a list of things I wanted to get done in 2012 as opposed to resolutions. Many tasks on the list were creating fun, self-contained educational toys for my sweet 3 year old. A lot of the projects were precipitated on the fact that we will be flying from Philadelphia to Phoenix in a few weeks. My daughter’s a pro at flying from Philly to Tampa and has made that round trip 5 times already in her short little life. But the Philly to Phoenix flight is a whole other beast. Although she would be perfectly content watching Spongebob on her portable DVD player the entire flight I am 1- not sure if the battery life on our DVD player would last that long and 2- would rather not have her submersed in Spongebob the whole time!

After finding so many great ideas “pinned” on Pinterest I thought many of them would make perfect activities that pack well and easily into our travel backpack . I’ve created quite a few, have had a few trial and errors, and those posts are coming soon. Can’t wait to share with everyone what I’ve been up to in these first few weeks of 2012! My list, the one I mentioned instead of doing resolutions currently has34 tasks on it. I know more will be added and some are tasks that will need to reoccur throughout the year, but so far I have managed to cross of 6 tasks and have 5 others in the works. Look for “The List” in upcoming posts as well.

~ Jaci


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