Oh Pinterest, Oh Pinterest… How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

One of my first discoveries on Pinterest was a pin for an “On the Go Crayon Box” from Simply Frugal Mom. I thought this was especially clever because we’re past the diaper bag stage, but when we are out Avery still needs something to keep her busy. I had thrown a couple pieces of folded up paper, crayons, and stickers in my purse… but I started finding crayon marks and stickers stuck to me beloved Coach bag and that was the end of that. Knowing that we are having dinner with my father-in-law tonight I got cracking on this quick and easy project. This will also be a great addition to her carry-on bag when we head to Sedona next month.

You’ll need just a few things for this project, but I had all of the items already hanging around my house and you may too.

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit box, hot glue gun, crayons, post-it note pad, scissors, and scrapbook paper

*A note about the J&J boxes- you can get these in the travel section at Walmart or Target for 97 cents to $1 each. I have one in each of our 72 hour backpacks, our family emergency box, my car emergency box, and one to keep in our LL Bean travel toiletry bags. For that price I think I am just going to buy a bunch of them and reload our household first aid supplies with all the goodies so I can use the boxes for crafting!

1. Using your hot glue gun, glue the post-it note pad to the top of the opened box.

2. Add your crayons.

3. Close the lid. Cut a square of scrapbook paper to fit the top of the box. I cut mine to fit the outlined mid section by just eye-balling it. Round the corners. Get your paper lined up and put a dot of glue on the underside of the paper and affix it to the top of your box. Then you can readjust as needed and round the corners.

4. Glue around the edges. Don’t worry if your glue overspills… once it dries you can pick it off easily.

And that’s all she wrote! Once we work our way through another box I am going to just make one a crayon box for traveling.

Link to original project on Simply Frugal Mom



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