Avery is obsessed with Valentine’s Day this year! For the first few days of February she insisted it was Valentine’s Day. I finally got her to understand that Valentine’s was one day, and one day only, and that day had not yet arrived. But, then every morning when she woke up she asked if it was Valentine’s Day yet! Poor kiddo is so excited and she is missing her daycare party because we will be on vacation. Thankfully I will be packing a small stash of goodies for her.

After viewing many an advent calendar on Pinterest, I decided to whip up a quick felt Valentine’s Countdown chart to help keep Avery excited, but to keep her from asking me everyday if it was Valentine’s Day. This took about 30 minutes for me to make on Sunday morning. Not the prettiest thing, but it will do for now. Maybe for next year I will make a prettier version.


Felt- one whole white piece, scraps in Valentine’s Day colors (pinks, purples, reds)

Craft Glue

Printer and Card Stock

Heart Tracer (I just free-handed this onto some card stock to use as a tracer)

Sharpie Marker

Instructions (although this is pretty self explanatory)

1. Figure out how you want your pattern of hearts to be (if you care. I did, but I am a little OCD that way).

2. Trace the appropriate number of hearts onto the designated color of felt. Cut out.

3. Number the hearts 1-14 with black Sharpie.

4. On the computer, I printed a small text box saying Valentine’s Day Countdown. I cut it out, mounted it onto some extra scrapbook paper and glued it to the white piece of felt. I used 3M poster strips to affix to our pantry. They are just like the 3M hook adhesives so they won’t ruin the surface when removed.

5. Affix the hearts on the white piece of felt. Using felt on felt will adhere on its own. No need for any additional adhesive.

6. Allow child to take off the appropriate heart each day 🙂 When there is one left, it’s Valentine’s Day!


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