My recent addiction/obsession with the website Pinterest has been pretty well established throughout my posts. I’ve found so many great ideas for learning games, fun activities, art experiences, and so much more for my 3 year old. Tonight I completed two projects to add to our stock-pile-o-fun.

The first idea came from the blog “A Girl and a Glue Gun”

Silly Faces

I did mine a little differently from the original post on “A Girl and a Glue Gun.” She drew pictures onto paper, cut those out, glued them on to magnets she found on her phone book, and then cut those out. I found just a plain white magnet sheet at A.C. Moore for $4.99, which came down to $2.99 with my 40% off coupon.

Using the silly face shapes from the original post as inspiration, I took a sharpie marker and drew silly eyes, noses, mouths, and facial hair. Then, cut out the shapes and that’s it. However, I read on another blog that you can search Google images for silly faces, print them out on regular paper, cut and glue them on magnets and you have the same project.

I had an old gift card gift box upstairs in my gift wrapping stash so I used that to store the pieces in and now we’ve got a great on the go activity to keep Avery busy.




Originally I thought this would be great for the plane ride to Phoenix next month, but I think this will also be great for waiting at restaurants, the doctor’s office, etc. as well as a good road trip activity for the car.

Magnetic Pom Poms

I also saw this on Pinterest. So simple, yet so much fun. Buy a bag of pom poms (I found a bag of 60 for $2 at Target today) and glue magnets to one side of the pom pom. I had a ton of those rolls of magnetic tape you can get at the craft store for 99 cents a roll. More instant, portable fun… plus there are some educational activities you can do with the pom poms such as sorting by color, making and repeating patterns, making shapes, etc.

  And I got great pencil cases at Target for 77 cents each to store all of our magnetic goods. Here’s a picture of one.



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